Thursday, August 2, 2012

goblining around

hi Everyone I'm back! here is a new creature that I'm making he will be a goblin. here are the beginnings let me know what you think
these are his beginning stages and possible colour and fabric combinations

Saturday, July 28, 2012

T's Elephant is finished

ok ok finally the elephant was finished for the sweet boys birthday, from what i am told little T loves him. what say you?

been a busy month

hello pretty people. its been one of those months where my time is spread very thin. not as much time as i would want to do all that i like to do. I've been continuing to work on commissions orders and be amazingly inspired by the things i see and the people i talk to in my life. i finished a couple of projects for my best friends birthday and am in the middle of two orders with a third on the drawing board. so many ideas floating around right now. do i start to look into craft sale? or Etsy finally. what is going on in your lives?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Elephants again

15 hours later and the Elephant is almost done, have to finish sewing on the toes and his eyes :) mixing of machine and hand sewing, the name is hand embroidered on his left ear. this picture with the book is to attempt to show size...he is massive, possibly the biggest one that i have done. what do you think? tomorrow i will finish his toes and eyes and hopefully deliver it before the weekend.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Elephant continuing

greetings crafty people! here is part 2 of my elephant work in progress. he is a mix of materials and i am sewing him up as we speak hopefully he receiver with like him as much as i think he will so far my favorite are the details, the pattern of his tusks and his baby blue toes what do you think?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

foxy blues

so browsing the interweb last Thursday i came across foxes! and i have to say that i fell in love. here is one of the beauties there was this part of me that said "i can do that!" and yes there is this other little girl sitting in my head that decided i would rather have someone buy them for me. as for the moment i can not buy one of these amazing foxes i decided to try and make one. since this lovely person seems to have perfected the shape and form of them, i decided to take my own twist on him. i drafted a quick pattern, started cutting up my scraps and decided i was ready to go. luckily this weekend i got to spend time in what is possibly my favorite place in the world. hand stitching the little guy while watching the lake and listening to the songbirds. i finished him today as i had to tweak his ears ;) i have to say that i love him and how quick he was to work up. he has string jointed limbs and can stand on my hand, a lot smaller than my other creations wouldn't you say? love and sunshine till next time

Commissioned Elephant

So for all you lovely lovelies interested in this sort of thing. i got two commissions recently, the first will be a rather large elephant. Here is the pattern that I drafted for the Elephant for Lil' T. he will be interesting to make as the request was for an elephant the size of the child :) wish me luck, tomorrow i will cut out and start pinning together the pieces. i will update as i go. Love and sunshine for now

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

dragon work

So after two months of work, and over 70 hours, el Dragon is pretty much finished. thinking of taking him to the park tomorrow and doing a photo shoot. but here is a bit of a teaser pic :) hope you like him as much as i do. from the idea in my head to the finished product he is 100% mine. i will be selling others now that i have figured this out.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Red Dragon

continuing work on the birthday Dragon, like all mythical beasts this one is taking what feels like ages to come to life. i'm getting closer and closer to the end of him. now i want to add a spine...oh well i'll get it done :) here are some teaser pics of the soon to be creature :D hope you like him as much as i do

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dragon Time (take 1)

Hello y'all Sometimes things take so much longer than i thought they would I've been working on the SAME creature for the last three weeks i wanted to have my dragon finished by yesterday so that i could bring him to The Ottawa Comic Convention but it was not to be. i ran into some problems one of the worst ones being that i broke his wing mid-construction. and then with being sick for some of the time. oh well that's something that happens sometimes.
here is a teaser of my newest creature

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Restating the Restarting

I have decided to give my blog a face lift. i want to document some projects that I've been working on and some that i want to start I've been teaching myself to string joint and button joint my creatures I just finished stringing my latest critter, a buffalo. took more out of me than i thought it would. the buffalo was too tough, the needle went all the way through a book and then into my leg backwards. (note to self, Rubber mallet, sharper needles) I just re-conned a pair of jeans into a super cute twirly knee length skirt. and i drafted the pattern for my birthday present, i decided that i wanted a pet shoulder dragon. he will have movable limbs and fold-able wings. oh ya! and I'm trying to decide if its cheating to use the sewing machine :) i also have two kids birthdays coming up, one wants an X-box playing sock monkey. and for the other I'm not too sure yet...but the hamster is turning...the idea shall be sparked.