Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Restating the Restarting

I have decided to give my blog a face lift. i want to document some projects that I've been working on and some that i want to start I've been teaching myself to string joint and button joint my creatures I just finished stringing my latest critter, a buffalo. took more out of me than i thought it would. the buffalo was too tough, the needle went all the way through a book and then into my leg backwards. (note to self, Rubber mallet, sharper needles) I just re-conned a pair of jeans into a super cute twirly knee length skirt. and i drafted the pattern for my birthday present, i decided that i wanted a pet shoulder dragon. he will have movable limbs and fold-able wings. oh ya! and I'm trying to decide if its cheating to use the sewing machine :) i also have two kids birthdays coming up, one wants an X-box playing sock monkey. and for the other I'm not too sure yet...but the hamster is turning...the idea shall be sparked.

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