Tuesday, June 19, 2012

foxy blues

so browsing the interweb last Thursday i came across foxes! and i have to say that i fell in love. here is one of the beauties http://www.etsy.com/listing/87398939/reserved-made-to-order-fancy-fox. there was this part of me that said "i can do that!" and yes there is this other little girl sitting in my head that decided i would rather have someone buy them for me. as for the moment i can not buy one of these amazing foxes i decided to try and make one. since this lovely person seems to have perfected the shape and form of them, i decided to take my own twist on him. i drafted a quick pattern, started cutting up my scraps and decided i was ready to go. luckily this weekend i got to spend time in what is possibly my favorite place in the world. hand stitching the little guy while watching the lake and listening to the songbirds. i finished him today as i had to tweak his ears ;) i have to say that i love him and how quick he was to work up. he has string jointed limbs and can stand on my hand, a lot smaller than my other creations wouldn't you say? love and sunshine till next time


  1. ok just went through all this just soz I could put in a comment here I very much like your blue foX ... and i like "creating my way to 30" .... YES YOU CAN....love ya from mom.

  2. Just found your blue fox via Craftster - he's adorable! The insides of his ears are especially wonderful. Thanks for sharing him!