Tuesday, April 21, 2009


well i've read many books since the last entry. there are two that i am reading right now
Brainchild and Waiting
one if for myself for my own trashy enjoyment and the other one if for a bookclub that i am part of

the first is about a highly intellegent girl and what she wants to do to her family and the people that upset her in her class

the second i havent started more than a page or two but it is about a man in china who has two women and what he has to do with them

Thursday, February 12, 2009

the hour i first believed by Wally Lamb

this book is slightly different than his other two
it starts with his characters being in Columbine at the time of the massacre
and goes on from there to deal with the protagonist wife suffering from post traumatic stress

i am about half way through and curious to see how it will end

Mr b gone by Clive Barker

right now I'm reading this book
i do find it quite enjoyable
the idea that the narrator is in the book watching you read it
i find that highly amusing
and even at its most gory it still has the potential for a laugh or two.